Saturday, February 13, 2010

South Carolina Snowpocalypse!

Most years, we don't see snow. In fact this is the first snow my two youngest dogs, Linus and Patty, have ever seen - and they will be 4 next month. We all had a lot of fun in the white stuff today so please indulge me in a buncha dogsinsnow pix:



Patty & Charlie patrol the fence for all things abominable


Charlie managed to find a tennis ball, natch.




Rinalia said...

My dogs say your dogs are CRAZY! Mina especially. It's 63 F here and she's huddled in front of the electric heater.

Looks like your pups are having a blast!

jan said...

I took my dogs up to the mountains to see snow last year. Three got out of the car, sniffed and got back in. One wouldn't leave the car.

Pibble said...

Great pics. I love seeing dogs in the snow - they look like kids playing, without a care in the world!

Retrieverman said...

Now, that's the environment for long-haired retriever!

When my dog goes to Myrtle Beach, she is fine in the morning, but by afternoon, she's cooked.